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What are your journeys? Are you a conduit of wisdom, a mentor? How can you make your space safer for those moving within, and through it?

Sex, sexual desire, sexuality, and gender are not one size fits all; they are aspects of our most vulnerable and intimate selves and are affected by the world around us. These aspects are part of an individual exploration that we share with other people.

Shame, taboos, myths, and misinformation have created an environment of fear and silence around sex, desire, pleasure, and gender. Each one of us has experienced these feelings in different manners and at different stages in our lives. Let’s dispel the myths, get rid of the shame, break down the silence, and sexually empower our communities and ourselves.

Sexplore with Den Temin provides safer spaces to catalyze sexual self-empowerment through knowledge sharing, holistic connections, vulnerable intimacy, desire and pleasure. I invite you to share your journeys with me as I support you to engage in a transformative adventure to become agents of change for yourselves and your communities.

I will meet you where you are to guide and support your journey, believing that you carry the wisdom of your lived experience. 



“If sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it’s because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body (and with it your own voice), and that’s the most revolutionary insight of all” – Erica Jong 

 Engage in a transformative journey of sexual self-empowerment

 Expand your knowledge and understanding of sex, sexuality, and gender

 Create healthier relationships through effective communication and deeper intimacy

 Improve your sexual health and learn more about your body throughout the different stages of the lifecycle

 Be inspired to grow as a professional through continuing education opportunities

 Ponder ~ Assess ~ Connect

 Provide safer workplace environments for people to develop their full potential

 Catalyze change in your office by fostering leadership and professional growth

 Exist as leader in your industry by complying with labour and human rights legislation


General / 



Creating spaces to support people with their journeys of sexual self-empowerment.Whether you are single or in relationships,  in a communal setting with other folks, or in a more private location; come join our pleasure revolution!  We offer you sexual education workshops, sensual retreats, and cozy home parties. Our clinical sexology services focus on private sexual counselling ~ coaching

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Professional / 

Continuing Ed.

sexplorewithdentemin_exploreProviding professional advancement  for individuals working in the fields of social services, health sciences, and education.  We offer continuing education workshops, sexual attitudes reassessment, and certification through on-site and distance e-learning training.  Our workshops are accredited by professional associations in Canada and the United States.

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Corporate /



Enhancing workplace culture, and office environment for corporations and organizations. We offer human resources consulting, and employee leadership development through custom tailored services. Our areas of expertise focus on gender + diversity audits, staff educational workshops, policy development, conflict transformation, leadership training, and compliance with human rights & labour legislation.

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Conveying messages that will inspire individuals through heart-opening transformative moments. Wether it is for a small, medium, or large event; we offer you a multi-lingual public speaker to meet  your every need with an attention to detail and dynamic personality. Den will deliver your message, and engage diverse audiences with humour, wit, kindness, and wisdom.

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Sexplore sexual communication! Stay tuned for more sexy tips

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